15 Bucket list must-haves

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I did this a little opposite to normal – I made the anti-bucket list must-haves before I made the bucket list must-haves. So, here I am now to tell you what you need to have on your pro-bucket list.


Let’s just get right into it. I hate it when when I have to read long introductions on others’ posts, so I’m going to try to avoid that as well. You’re welcome. 😉


Personally, I think we should all try to travel to each of the continents in our lives. Each continent has its own cultures, and while each country may seem like too much, there are only seven continents, so only six others to travel to. Let’s all give it a try. Experience different cultures and lifestyles.

  • The Carribean. We all know how beautiful the Caribbean is, so I am sure you can understand why I put this in here.
  • Asia. Asia is gorgeous. They have such a unique architectural style and their wildlife is unlike anything I have seen in the places I have traveled to. I cannot wait to visit Asia.
  • Europe. I love Europe. I went a few years ago, and will definitely be going back.
    • Barcelona – You should all know that Barcelona is my all-time favourite place ever. And if you don’t, follow this link to my Barcelona travel guide.
  • Australia. You cannot tell me that you do not want to at least experience Australia for a week. You simply can’t. So that’s why it’s on this list.
  • South America. While South America has a bad rap, there are so many lovely places, and I really hope to be able to visit a few of them in my lifetime and recommend that you do too. My friends did a Habitat For Humanity trip down there and they had an amazing time.
  • North America, if you don’t live here. Most of my viewers are from America, but I’ll put this in here for you folks who live abroad. I live in Canada. There are so many beautiful places in Canada and the USA as well. I guess I will have to do a travel guide to Canada next.
  • Africa. I have always wanted to travel to Africa. I love their colours and just everything. The wildlife, the terrain differences. It’s a whole other world.

I didn’t put Antarctica on here for obvious reasons – nobody wants to freeze. So I guess you only have five other continents to travel to in your lifetime.

There are so many specific places I want to go to, but I’ll let you decide where on each of the continents you choose to visit. As long as you visit Barcelona, I’ll be happy. 🙂

Once in a lifetime:

  • See your favourite celebrity. Whether this means going to their concert or a fashion event, whatever it is, this should be a goal of yours. I know it’s one of my goals.
  • Do something that scares you. While you may think that this should be on the anti-bucket list, I say no. We all need a little thrill in our lives, so why not try hang-gliding or hike up a volcano or something. That just seems so adventurous.
  • Buy/build your dream house. I have a huge goal which is being able to build my dream house(s). This should definitely be on your list.
  • Save a life. There are so many ways to do this. Physically saving a life, or indirectly, such as donating blood, donating your organs when you die, sponsoring children in other countries, etc. There are so many ways. I aim to help as many people as I can once I find stable ground.
  • Hot air balloon somewhere. What an amazing idea and technology. I love the aesthetic look of a hot air balloon. And while it would probably be terrifying, I think it would be amazing as well.



  • Learn a new language. I think that languages are so cool, and it’s honestly astounding how they developed. (I learned all about it in my psychology class of all places.)
  • Learn a new skill or hobby. From sewing and knitting to painting and pottery to biking and squash (the game squash, not the food), there are so many things to learn while we are here, so why not make the best of it.
  • Get married. This could have been in the once in a lifetime section, but personally, I don’t see marriage as being a one-way thing. I see it more so as another step in showing appreciation. It’s just another step in finding happiness, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and that’s fine. There really shouldn’t be such a stigma around it. Anyway, I think we should all aim to get married at least once, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s eloping, or getting married on a beach, or a huge celebration, just do you.
  • Go vegetarian, even for a week. Why not? I don’t think I could ever go vegan, just because I love coffee cream and eggs too much, but I definitely see myself being vegetarian.
  • Grow a garden. It’s amazing what a garden can put into perspective for you. It allows you to understand how much work and time goes into growing the food you eat. I love gardening and think it is a great educational tool. Houseplants count too!


Don’t forget to leave a comment telling me some of your bucket list items. I would absolutely love to hear about where you want to travel.


Remember, be your best self.


Elegant Elation

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