7 Barcelona Must-Have Experiences – Travel Guide to Barcelona

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Original Photo By Me

If you are thinking of going to Spain or just Europe, Barcelona should be one of your top choices to go to. Barcelona is an amazing city in Spain. There are beautiful beaches, people and food. I went to Barcelona a few years ago, and I have to say, it is still my favourite place that I have been to. There was so much life and the city is just beautiful. There is amazing architecture. Friendly people, great food, amazing attractions – that is what Barcelona offers to you. Here is my travel guide for Barcelona, or as the locals say, Bathelona.

I recommend that when you go, you get a travel guide. If you do, you will most likely visit a lot of these places, but if you don’t get a travel guide, or they don’t take you to these places, use your free time to explore and try to visit some of these amazing places.

Original photo by me - Mosaic Salamander
Original photo by me – Mosaic Salamander

My 7 must visits while you are in Barcelona:

  1. Gelato. When /if you ever go, you have to get gelato while you are there. That was the first thing we did when we went, and it was amazing. They served it to us in a cone, and the gelato was placed in the shape of a rose. There are actually places that market their gelato as being in the shape of roses now. It makes for a very photographic first day and a great tasty treat. There are lots of places, so wherever you go, you should be able to find a parlor on one of the streets.
  2. La Sagrada Familia. Every time mentions how beautiful a church is, I have to bring up La Sagrada Familia. It is over a century old and is still in construction. It was first designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi. His architectural style is seen all throughout the city. You really cannot miss it. But this church is a must visit. There are huge stained glass windows which create a magical glow on the inside of the church. When we went, we spent over two hours exploring the inside and the outside. There are so many souvenir shops around as well.
  3. Parc Güell. This is another one of Gaudi’s creations, but it is a whole parc. It features the worlds longest bench as well as the famous mosaic salamander. This parc was just gorgeous. All of the surfaces were made from recycled, broken dishes and glasses, which were used to create the stunning mosaics. The gardens are beautiful and are full of life with tropical birds.
  4. Picasso Museum. On our trip to Europe, we went to many museums, but this was one of my favourites. It displayed works by Picasso both of his early creations and his later masterpieces. From pottery and sculpture to his more well-known paintings, it was simply an amazing experience and truly inspiring.
  5. Museu Frederic Marès. This was one of the places that a friend and I explored during our free time. This little museum has an amazing collection of artifacts and has a very calm, serene garden with a beautiful fountain. There is a great café and it’s just a great spot to relax.
  6. Bar Nuria. This restaurant had authentic Paella, which is one of the famous Spanish cuisines. Both the food and the staff were amazing.
  7. The beach. There isn’t one, in particular, just make sure you go to a beach, even if it’s just for photos. The beaches there are pristine with soft, white sand.


Overall. Just try to visit as many places as you can. These are not the only seven places available, but these are my top seven recommended tourist attractions to visit. If you could get a tour guide for half the trip, or even just get on a bus to explore, that is how you will really be able to explore the city and see all of the amazing architecture.

Just do you, and be your best self.


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