15 Things that Everyone should have on their Anti-Bucket List

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Lightning strikes
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I am sure that we all have a bucket list either written down or at least an idea in our minds, but have you ever thought about what you would put on your anti-bucket list? An anti-bucket list is just that, it is what you never want to have accomplished or done in your life. Here is a list of things that everyone should have on their anti-bucket list. Leave a comment to let me know if any of these things have happened to you or what you would put on your anti-bucket list.

Everyday mishaps:

  1. Fall down the stairs. Can you imagine? I should not even have to explain why this should be on your list.
  2. Lose your car or house keys and/or wallet. This just seems like one of the worst things ever. Especially if you are already having a bad day, which would probably explain losing them in the first place.
  3. Burn yourself on the stove or oven. Again, I am not explaining why this should be on your list. I am cringing just thinking about it.
  4. Step on your cat or dog. This would just be awful.
  5. Stub your toe. I know that we have all probably done this at least once, but I have to put it on here. It’s just awful, and I hope that those of you never have to experience it. Hitting your funny bone is another really bad one.

Once in a lifetime chances:

  1. Struck by lighting. Ouch
  2. Get hit by a car. That would just suck, and you might be left visually or physically impaired. That wouldn’t be fun.
  3. Hit somebody with your car. That would not be a good feeling resulting from this. Drive safe, please.
  4. Have to jump from a plane or be in a plane crash. I cannot even imagine how scary that would be.
  5. Be held hostage. Movies these days are getting way too real for my liking. I have had to stop watching action movies and thrillers just because they are too applicable to our society.


  1. Have a kid, or for those who have a kid, lose it. Self-explanatory.
  2. Get stuck or lost somewhere. An elevator. A remote gas station. The woods. The list could go on.
  3. Have any kind of eye surgery. That… That’s one of my biggest fears.
  4. Bungee Jumping. I have thought about this so much. You are putting so much trust into those ropes. I just could not do it.
  5. Get drugged. This is also a huge fear of mine. I just don’t understand how some people think that it’s acceptable. Honestly, drugs scare me. I have never, and will probably never try them.


Those are my 15 things everyone should have on their anti-bucket list. I hope you enjoyed this quick read. Let me know in the comments what you would add to it.



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