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My favourite echeveria
Top 6 Houseplants

Houseplants have become a trendy necessity in the last few months. However, before that, I was already collecting plants. The summer of 2015, I remember it like it was yesterday; that’s when I started collecting plants. In this article, I will discuss the pros of houseplants as well as which ones I recommend, not only to beginners but to everyone.

Pros to houseplants:

  1. They clean your air! Evolution is so funny like that. Plants take in carbon dioxide through their stoma (I major in biology, trust me, just go with it. They are like pores.), then through many processes, they create glucose and oxygen, which is given off into the air we breathe, also through the stoma. Some plants are also known as air purifiers.
  2. They add a nice pop of colour. Modernist minimalism is spreading right now, which in turn means there are many colourless homes with empty corners. Add a couple of larger plants, and you’ll be surprised with how much they add to the environment. Have an empty space? Add a plant. Bare wall? Hanging plants. Plants solve everything. Literally. They have survived all of the mass extinctions and allow life to be preserved.
  3. They give some more purpose and meaning to your daily life. When I got my first plants, I thought they were going to be either super easy or dead in a week. But they don’t fall into either of those categories. Each one is different. You have to listen to them, read about them, and figure out what they want. They are just like pets; relying on you to sustain their lives.

Houseplants are great. Sometimes there will be losses, but they are all learning experiences. Just try your best. Choose ones that you like so that you will be more inclined to care for them.

My favourite and recommended plants:

  1. Succulents. There are so many types, but here are my top three:
    1. Aloes. Aloes are great for beginners as they are easy to understand in terms of their requirements. They are also great looking plants.
    2. Haworthias.  Haworthias are also great at telling you when they need to be watered. They start looking a little deflated. These are some of my all-time favourite plants. I have two and each of them have pups (babies) coming off of them.
    3. Echeverias. Echeverias come in so many colours and variations. Some have wavy leaves, like the one in the header. That was my favourite echeveria until she died this winter in a cold snap. They are also great at visibly showing when they are in need of watering; their leaves start to shrivel up.
  2. Tropicals. There are even more types of tropicals, but here are some that I think everyone should have.
    1. Pothos. Pothos are great for everyone under the stars. They are vines, so they climb and are great for hanging plants or on shelves where they can cascade down. Pothos are also super easy to propagate, which is where you use a piece of a plant to grow a new, separate one. They come in quite a few variations.
    2. Pilea / Chinese Money Plant. These are some of the strangest plants I have seen and own. They look like they are straight out of a fantasy or sci-fi movie. They have circular leaves which attach to the woody stem via thin poles that attach to the centre of the leaves.
    3. Snake plants / Sanseveria. There are as many names for this plant as there are variations. Some people classify it as a succulent, but I think it fits better with the tropicals. Snake plants are the ones known for their air purifying talents. They do well in most conditions and are great for adding height.

Final Comments:

Those were my top six plants. Plants are especially fun when you make your own multi-plant containers. Combine a couple of your favourite plants in a pot; there is a combination of colours, textures, and heights which add a lot of interest. Remember to only add plants with similar requirements.

A few years after becoming addicted to houseplants, I found a group on facebook where there were people even more addicted. When I joined, there were under 30k, but now there are just over 230k members. Here is a link to join their facebook group: House Plant Hobbyist .

I hope you enjoyed this post; let me know in the comments what you thought about my top 6 houseplants and if you would have added something different.


Remember to be your best you!


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